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Our Values & Beliefs

We invest other people's money and we enter into other people's companies. Both is a challenge and requires professional attitude, high moral standards and adequate governance.

Pursuing entrepreneurial passion

We firmly believe that entrepreneurial passion has to be spearheading the value creation process grow businesses successfully. The founders of CUDOS Group look back on a history of entrepreneurial success ensuring broad understanding and insight. We complement this experience with industrial and functional expertise to bring the best to our portfolio companies.

Building value that lasts

We believe in growth and profitability as the two cornerstones of value creation. With both our unparalleled network and experience we are able to deliver on those core components. We help to build companies, which are leading in their field.

Demonstrating integrity

We make sure to be transparent in each and every investment. We strive for full alignment of interest with the leadership of the company. It is essential to develop a profound understanding of the culture of a business to make sure recommendations and changes are adequate, understood, and supported.

Committing to transparency

We are convinced that creative legal structures and secretive decision-making undermine investors' trust. At CUDOS, we commit ourselves to full transparency and the highest standards of governance. Consequently, we have chosen a purely local legal structure with the highest corporate governance standards for our funds.

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