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Responsible - Reliable - Hands-On


Private equity is a highly intensive business. Many decisions are critical but often have to be taken quickly and implemented rigorously.


Doing the job we do requires both, strong analytical skills - a passion for problem solving - and empathy. Private equity is foremost a people business in which you work in teams facing challenging, critical and in most cases also decisive situations. This is where the responsiblity comes in. Your decisions will drive investment performance, but even more important, they will have direct impact on the portfolio company and on the people working in and for these companies.


If you are interested in intellectual challenge, are determined to achieve and ready to assume a high level of responsibility, you should learn more about us.

Your Profile

We look for personalities, for people with courage and curiosity.

From day one you will be a full team member and work with CUDOS staff, with the management of our portfolio companies and with our investors. CUDOS' culture is very inclusive offering a large level of both, autonomy and responsibility, right from the start.


In the investment team, your daily job will be the sourcing, execution and enhancement of investment opportunities. This work involves all corporate functions from finance to human ressources and is done across industries. You will be required to use your curiosity and learn fast.


Economic proficiency, high level of analytical skills and problem solving

There is no typical background for our work, but you will have to bring a sound understanding of financial fundamentals, corporate strategy and operations. Our daily challenges require a high level of analytical skills and a passion for hands-on problem solving.

Your Profile

Careers at CUDOS

Investment Team


Depending on role and position your responsibility will include the following:

  • Sourcing of new investment opportunities

  • Development of investment hypothesis and value creation plan

  • Transaction mangement and due diligence work

  • Negotiating investment terms

  • Portfolio work: conception of strategic initiatives within our portfolio companies


Investor Relations & Compliance


Depending on role and position your responsibility will include the following:

  • Acting as trusted contact person for our investors

  • Compilation of investor and portfolio reportings

  • Ensuring full compliance with regulatory requirements and communication with public authorities

  • Supporting the team in fundraising initiatives

Get in touch with us

You consider a career in private equity? Feel free to reach out to us and see if CUDOS and you make a match!

Sabine Müller
Recruiting Coordinator

"Private Equity is the toughest combination of challenge, impact and responsibility I could think of. At CUDOS, we know that we expect a lot. But we will help you achieve it."

Alon Shklarek

Co-Founder & CEO of CUDOS Group


Typical profiles at CUDOS Group

Investment Manager


  • Academic master's degree or equivalent

  • 3-5 years professional experience in management consulting, investment baking, audit or financial services


Business Analyst


  • Academic bachelor's degree or equivalent

  • Internships in management consulting, investment baking, audit or financial services


Executive Assistant


  • Academic master's degree or equivalent

  • Relevant professional experience

Private Equity Internship Programe

Our internship programe is designed to introduce students currently in their late bachelor or master studies to private equity. Interns work as full team members and support due diligence work, help to prepare strategic initiatives in portfolio companies and compile investor or portfolio reportings.


Who should apply

You have finished your bachelor studies in a finance- or strategy-related field

Previous internships in management consulting, investment banking, private equity or venture capital are a plus


How does it work

You may either work on a dedicated assignment, full time for a dedicated period of time (e.g. 8 weeks) or work over a longer period of time on a part-time basis (e.g. 2 days per week) and engage in several projects over time.

"I was involved in numerous projects in various industries. The level of experience and insight I got is uncomparable and far from any traditional internship"

PE Intern 2013-2015


Interview Process

Our interview process is designed as a dialogue to help us get to know each other.


Online application

You simply apply via Email with your current CV, a letter of motivation, academic transcripts and certificates of previous engagements.


Regular interviews

We will have to opportunity to get to know each other in three dedicated sessions. Each meeting will again consist of three parts:

  • an introduction of yourself,

  • an introduction of CUDOS where we answer open questions and

  • an analytical part where we will analyse the situation of a ficticious portfolio company


Strategy Case Presentation

In a fourth session you will receive a written case study prepared by CUDOS detailing the situation of a ficticious portfolio company. You will have 30-60 minutes to analyse the situation and deduct your first recommendations which we will discuss afterwards.

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