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Responsible - Reliable - Hands-On


If you consider teaming up with a strong, hands-on partner, CUDOS may be the right choice. We combine financial strength with strategic oversight and industry expertise. We are active partners who have but one goal - to profitably grow your business.


You will find some rough guidance below on how we work and what it means to team up with us. At the end of the day our business is a peoples business. So, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us.

Investment Criteria

You want to learn what we are looking for and if CUDOS may be a partner for you and your business?
Have a look at our investment criteria here:

Investment Process

An investment by CUDOS can be done in as quick as 12 weeks. A lot of the timing depends on you and your business, though. Find out more here:

Investment Terms

Working with a new partner is an important step. Here is what businesses may expect from us when it comes to deal terms:

Investment Criteria

We do have a set of criteria which define our focus of activity. However, if a business fits to CUDOS, often depends on the specific situation. The items below give you rough guidance on what we look for and where we may help.

We still ask you to reach out to us directly to clarify if we can do something for you and your business.


  • Headquarter in German-speaking countries or Central Europe

  • Revenue in last 12 months at 10mn EUR or more

"Positive DNA"

  • Strong competitive positioning

  • Large potential to create value

  • Need for additional capital

Exit Perspective

  • Current owner is willing to sell a total or parts of the business within an acceptable period of time

  • The company entertains a business for which multiple exit scenarios exist

Investment Criteria
Investment Process

Investment Process

Our investment process follows a structured and standardized approach to get the best result in the shortest possible time. Throughout our analyses, we maintain intense contact with you and your business and let you know as soon as something changes or unexpected comes up. All material we receive is treated with the highest confidentiality.

This way, we respect your trust and confidence as we will always expect the same from you.








Initial Discussion



First contact between you and CUDOS where we clarify if a cooperation is in both our interest


Red Flag Due Diligence


Brief assessment of the overall state of your business by CUDOS staff

Formal Due Diligence


More formal but focused assessment by external advisors (legal, financial, tax)

Structuring & Closing


Negotiation of contracts, finalization of investment structure and money transfer

Investment Management


Joint initiative to expand our common business




CUDOS sells its stake in the business again - in most cases together with the original founder

Download detailed chart

Investment Terms

Generally speaking, our terms strongly depend on the specific situation you and your business are in. However, if you consider the points below, you will get a good idea of what a partnership with CUDOS is like.

Daily Business

  • Depending on the situation your business is in, current management will maitain the lead in daily business

  • We may source someone from our network to support you and complement your managemen team

Strategic Decisions

  • We want to be asked and we want to have a say in strategic decisions

  • We decide together with our partners, as a team with a  common goal: the development of the company


  • Depending on the investment situation, we will require seats in management, supervisory or advisory boards

  • The company will have to provide financial reportings to CUDOS on a regular basis

Protective Rights

  • We are fine with large autonomy of the business, but if things tighten up, CUDOS needs to have the option to decide and determine adequate measures

Investment Terms
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